Worlds Hardest Game Pro

This game has something special as it is one of the toughest in the world and now this latest version comes with new game modes. The goal of the Worlds Hardest Game Pro is to finish each level with the fewest number of deaths. Although the number of deaths you can have is unlimited, you must do whatever it takes to try and finish each level with few deaths in order to achieve a better score to eventually submit to the leaderboard which will include the best scores from players all around the world. If you are in a good position, your name will appear on the internet honor rolls. A new feature to this game is the ability to access each level independently. At the beginning of the Worlds Hardest Game Pro there is a menu where you will find a grid full of all of the fifty levels. Each button represents a different level. If you want to repeat a level to improve your score, you can access that level without any problems and then submit your score on the leaderboard.

The world’s hardest game returns once again to entertain the masses. This time the game itself has not changed, but rather the way you play and how points are organized have changed. If you have not played this game before, then you need a brief introduction. The main objective of the Worlds Hardest Game Pro is to bring the red square to the final destination using the arrows keys. You can move up, down, right or left by pressing the keys individually. If you would like to move diagonally, you can press two keys at a time. This is difficult to do and will definitely require some practice. Moving diagonally may prove to be necessary in order to dodge the obstacles. The obstacles in the Worlds Hardest Game Pro are represented by blue circles and should be treated as enemies and with caution because if you come in contact with just one, you lose and you will have to repeat the level. Each time you contact a blue circle and lose, the number of deaths and attempts at each level increases and affects your overall score. The goal of the Worlds Hardest Game Pro is to move the red square from the green zone where you begin each level to the next green zone at the other end of the maze. However there are times when there may be more than two green areas and in these cases you must pass through them all to complete the level. In the case that there is only one green zone, you must complete a secondary objective and return to the same green zone. Such secondary objectives in the Worlds Hardest Game Pro could be the collection of all the coins you find in that particular level. To collect a coin, you have to make contact with it. The coins can be located and grouped into a single site or found scattered throughout the maze, but they must always be collected in total before passing the level. You could also find levels where there are gray doors that you cannot cross unless you first collect the key that is located in another part of the maze. Once you find the key, you can unlock the door and proceed to the destination. In other levels you can also find a door that you must open with different keys that are located in various parts of the maze.
The difference between the Worlds Most Difficult Pro and the previous game is that each level can be accessed multiple times, but first you must successfully pass a level to gain access to it later on. After having unlocked a specific level, you may return to it as many times as you like. There is a grid that you can view before you begin the game which displays all of the challenges. Only the first level is accessible. After you pass that level, the second level of the Worlds Hardest Game Pro will be unlocked and you can revisit the same level again and again to try to improve your score. Continue advancing through the Worlds Hardest Game Pro and whenever you feel confident enough, you can go back to previously passed stages to try and achieve the best possible score before submitting it to the leader board. There you can compare your score with the other players around the world who have also found this game compelling and if you want, you can try to beat the world’s best.

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