Worlds Hardest Game 6

This version of the Worlds Hardest Game is hard to play, but the more attempts you make, the more prepared and more skilled you become. So the practice you have will be helpful if you can make it to the really challenging levels. The Worlds Hardest Game 6 requires your utmost concentration because this version of the game is something different. At first it might seem somewhat simple, but after you pass a few levels, you will realize that is gets more and more complicated. This version is somewhat shorter than the other with only twenty levels, but it is equally challenging and fun. This may in fact be a relief after having played the other versions.

Do not be fooled by the minimal and simple design of this game because it really is far from simple as you advance towards the end of the Worlds Hardest Game 6. The goal has not changed. You must navigate a green ball from one side of the maze to the other side using the arrow keys. You have to end up inside the yellow circle, which is your destination. You can move horizontally, vertically or diagonally by hitting two of the arrow keys at once in the Worlds Hardest Game 6. This definitely requires some practice, but after a few levels, you should get the hang of it. You have to accomplish this without making contact with the moving red balls. If you have not played any of the games in this series before, a few things will need to be explained. For example, when you start the Worlds Hardest Game 6 in each maze or level, you will be standing on a gray area that is a safe area. If you stay within this space, the red balls cannot cause you any damage. One difference with this edition is that the moving obstacles do not move in a regular pattern that can be predicted. Instead they move randomly throughout the playing field and bounce of the walls. At first, this is no problem as there are only a few red balls. But in the higher levels, you must contend with several balls, making it extremely challenging. With no ability to predict where the balls will move, you must think on your feet and be ready to improvise your way to the target. If you get hit by one of the red balls, you will have to start from the beginning. This will increase your number of attempts, or deaths.
There will be levels of the Worlds Hardest Game 6 where there are not only moving obstacles but also stationary obstacles. These objects act as a barrier but do not harm you if you make contact with them. In fact, you can use them as protection from the red balls in certain situations. At the bottom of the screen you will see the current level you are on, along with the total number of attempts or deaths. Your total score will be a reflection of the number of attempts you make, so you have to pass each level with the least amount of contact with the red balls. Try to get a high score in Worlds Hardest Game 6 and show off your concentration skills.

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