Worlds Hardest Game 4

Enter this game and see how far you can get in all the levels available in the Worlds Hardest Game 4. It now has another name but it’s still essentially the same idea. With background colors by way of distraction, it’s likely to require more efforts from you in order to make it past all the levels, or at least try to pass each of these difficult mazes. They present new challenges that will entertain you during a break from work or together with your friends to see who the one who can go the farthest is.

Many people have tried and failed on many occasions. They have fought against despair and impatience but have gotten nothing more than losses and frustration. The Worlds Hardest Game 4 can be very challenging for those who have the ambition to achieve their goals because it is a very difficult game. It deserves its name of the Worlds Hardest Game and to be able to play until the end requires nerves of steel because the obstacles that are trying to stop your success are nearly impossible to avoid.
The goal is to send the red square from the start to the finish line of the Worlds Hardest Game 4. The start and finish area are represented by an area of light brown. This area is a safe area and if you do not move from there, nothing will happen. But you cannot advance from there if you stay put. The only option is to test your skills by attempting to pass to the other side. Seemingly this objective is a simple one, right? You only have to pass through a maze to the other side where the next safe area is. But the truth is that it is not as easy as it sounds because to get through these playing fields you will have to solve the challenge that is presented in these games for each and every level. In each level of Worlds Hardest Game 4 you will encounter obstacles that are your enemies which are represented by blue circles which move around the screen to hinder your progress through the maze. From the beginning you will find that this is somewhat complicated, but at least during the early stages you can figure out how to avoid them in order to progress in the game. As a tip you can say that these obstacles move in regular and predictable motions. This means that they will move in the same place over and over again with a constant speed. This will make it easy to recognize their movements and plan your own in order that the red square avoids touching the blue circles. To move you have to use the arrow keys and when you figure out which is the movement pattern of the circles then you must go carefully through the maze. However it is not advisable to pass through the maze in the middle. You had better go near the edges to avoid being touched in the Worlds Hardest Game 4.

If you feel the need for some assistance, there are some video tutorials to help you get a better idea of how to pass each level of the Worlds Hardest Game 4. All you have to do is search for the videos by their English names and you will then find a tutorial to help you out. Do not forget that this Worlds Hardest Game 4 is the most difficult but the number of attempts in unlimited so you can play each level as many times as you want. However, your score depends on how many attempts you have so the fewer times you die, the higher the score you will get.

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