Words Hardest Game 3

Welcome to Worlds Hardest Game 3, a game specially designed to test your nerves and skills. Upon entering the game, you can choose between starting a new game, continuing a game you’ve already started, watching the highest scores, or going to the official website. However, this menu is organized as a level of the game so you have to move through some obstacles to reach the desired option. Be very careful not to stumble against the obstacles in your way. Use the arrow keys to move as quickly as possible through the blue dots that are either static or moving at a certain pattern. The trick is to find the right rhythm in The Worlds Hardest Game 3. The good thing is that the lives lost in the menu stage do not count.

The real first level is actually a bit easier if you already have experience with the WHG. But make sure to pick the key that is in one of the passages to open the door that will take you to the next level of the Worlds Hardest Game 3. What’s new in the third edition of this game is that the levels have more than one room. You must solve all the puzzles and riddles and find out which key unlocks a specific door.
Often, the key is not in the same room where the locked door is, so must navigate through some rooms to reach your destination. Also, you have to collect all the yellow dots to improve your score and to meet the prerequisites in The Worlds Hardest Game 3 for the next level. In addition, you also have to go through all the green areas you see in order to access the end of each level. In case you get lost playing this really hard game: On Youtube you can find some very good guides to make your job easier, yet make sure that the tutorial is really about the The Worlds Hardest Game 3.

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