Worlds Hardest Game 5

Test your willpower in this game that is the most difficult in the world and try to reach the ultimate goal of finishing all of these very challenging levels. As usual in these kinds of games your main aim is to get across the maze of all levels and this will involve moving the blue square through a maze with a variety of moving obstacles that you can’t touch. If you have the guts to try, then you could possibly pass all levels of Worlds Hardest Game 5 despite all of the extreme concentration and patience it will require.

Sometimes the Worlds Hardest Game 5 can be frustrating when you have problems passing a level do to the moving obstacles, but you must find the will to keep trying. Your complete focus is required to pass each level and move on to the next. The Worlds Hardest Game 5 is sure to provide you and your friends with hours of fun and competition. Make sure to pass this amazing game on to your friends so they can join the fun. Pato is the name of the person who created this game and his goal was to challenge everyone and see just how many people would be able to complete each of the levels available in this amazing adventure. He never thought that the popularity of the Worlds Hardest Game 5 would grow so much, but he has enabled people from all around the world to be able to play his version of the Worlds Hardest Game and to please everyone, he included very bright colors and different modes. Although many people have played the game, only a few have been able to finish it completely because it is very complicated and has some difficult challenges that must be met. The goal of the Worlds Hardest Game 5 is to finish all the levels, but of course this is not as simple as it sounds because you will have different obstacles for each maze. From the beginning you should know that in order to move the blue square, which is the protagonist of the adventure, you must use the arrow keys. You can press them one at a time in order to move vertically or horizontally but you can also press two at once to move diagonally, which may help you to avoid contact of the red circles. The red circles are your enemies and they are moving in different directions and at different speeds throughout the maze. You must avoid them at all costs because if you do touch them, you will be forced to start that level from the very beginning. This will increase the number of total deaths and result in a lower score. In some cases, the red circles form the walls and they must also be avoided. In other cases a black line will form a wall, which means it is OK to touch. The red circles will be moving in regular patterns which you can easily notice. This will help you to time your own movements as you try to move past each one. Try to pass each level in the fewest number of attempts to achieve a high score. You can see the number of deaths which are counted and displayed in the bottom right corner of the screen. If you feel too distressed or frustrated, take a break for a while and then try again later. This will help minimize your frustration and give you a better chance of finishing all of these very difficult mazes in the Worlds Hardest Game 5.

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