World’s Hardest Game

If you have already played a lot of different games, it is sure that you will not miss this great one. There are many players giving up this though they took the half way to the final destination while other players were defeated right at the beginning. Is that true to a game?

Today, I’m very appreciated to introduce one of the most brilliant puzzle games – Worlds Hardest Game. This game is not for those who are not sure enough in solving logic matters easily. It requires quick thinking, skillful ability and high patience.

A key way to play Worlds Hardest Game

Worlds Hardest Game’s format is rather simple, but this game, itself, is the world’s hardest game as the same as the first statement at the beginning of the game. You need to use your current skills to accomplish of all 30 levels.

During the game, you’re a red square. Your duty is to avoid some blue circles and at the same time collect the yellow ones. As soon as you’ve got all of the yellow circles, you need to come to a prescribed green beacon to accomplish the level. Make sure that no blue circle touches you. If not, you’ll lose the game and have to play again. Remember that in some levels, there is more than 1 beacon, so the intermediary beacons are considered as checkpoints. Therefore, you need to attain all of the checkpoints and come to the last beacon to finish the level.

Do you think that it’s really the hardest game in the world? Seriously, it does, right? It’s not truly easy at all. However, do you believe that you can overcome all of the 30 levels successfully?

Here are some useful tips for you to play this game.

  • Pay attention to the movements of all of the blue circles because they’re moving according to the certain rule.
  • Find the best way to move among all of the blue ones without touching any of them.
  • Control the red square to move carefully but quickly to reach the green beacon.

To get the highest score in Worlds Hardest Game, the important thing is not how fast you can overcome all of the 30 levels. The answer is that how many times you’ve lost in this game. The less time you’ve died, the highest score you can get.

Check this game right now! Have fun and enjoy yourself!

The main keys to control this game are the arrow keys.

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